Peons, Cards and Crowns

    Watch out for enemy raids and protect your treasured gold as a new card has been released!   Unlock your RAID card by...
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  • What are Peons?
    What are Peons?   Peons are scattered throughout the Dice Dreams™ universe and will be accompanying you throughout yo...
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  • What are Attacks💪🏽?
    An Attack card is drawn from the pile once you roll 3 Mega Peons in the dice or a random "?" card. Launch your mega ...
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  • What are Steals?
    A Steal card can be drawn from the pile once you roll the "?" 3 times!   Rivals are chosen automatically and the stea...
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  • What are Shields?
    Shields are your ultimate line of defense against Enemy Peons! You can earn these powerful items by rolling three Shi...
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  • What are Fights?
    Fights are another EXCITING activity that provides a breath of fresh air to the usual attacks and steals. In this mi...
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