Your Ultimate Handbook to the Game's Must-Knows!

  • What are Boosters?
    Several boosters are offered in the game to assist you in earning more rewards. Here are some Dice Dreams Boosters an...
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  • What are Shields?
    Shields are used to defend your Kingdom from enemy Attacks.  Obtain Shields by rolling three Shield icons on your Dic...
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  • What are Cards?
    Cards help you earn more rewards.    Check your Card Level by going to ‘My Cards’ accessible through your Dice Dreams...
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  • What are Stickers?
    Stickers are collectible items scattered throughout the game. Each themed Set consists of twelve unique Stickers. Com...
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  • Kingdoms & Crowns
    What are Kingdoms? In Dice Dreams™, kingdoms add an artistic touch to your adventure!   Begin constructing your kingd...
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  • What are Coins?
    In the world of Dice Dreams™, coins are the main currency, and they are essential for constructing buildings to advan...
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