Special Events

  • Pets
    It’s adoption day! A bunch of cuddly friends are waiting for you as you embark on a tail-wagging adventure, where eve...
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  • Daily Reward
    The Daily Reward is one of the game’s amazing features where our Peons prepare a special gift just for you that you c...
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  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    Immerse yourself in one exciting mini-game in the “Dice Dreams™” universe. Get to battle real-time with players world...
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  • Progress Bar
    Progress Bar Increase your progress by getting 1, 2, or 3 themed icons that will move you closer and closer to AMAZIN...
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  • How do trails work?
    Press your luck to reach the end of this wonderful adventure!    During this event, players will have to perform cert...
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  • Treasure Hunts
    Hunt your way to AMAZING rewards!   During this event, players will have to perform certain actions (Attack, Steal, a...
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